Central Railway Station’s accessible entrance to the railway yard underpass closed after Easter

The entrance ramp from Kaisaniemen Puistokuja to the railway yard underpass will be closed in the week starting from 10 April due to the construction of the Kaisantunneli tunnel. Accessible passage to trains arriving from the east and leaving the trains towards the east requires going around the platform area. The underpass can be accessed using the stairs next to platform 4.
Havainnekuva Kaisantunnelin itäpään sisäänkäynnistä.
Photo: WSP Finland

The changes are due to the construction of the joint entrance for the Kaisantunneli and the current pedestrian tunnel next to the Kaisaniemen Puistokuja.

There will be guide maps and signs for the passengers at the station. The new arrangements are estimated to remain until the end of September 2023.

“These arrangements will be in place for approximately six months. After this phase, we will be a step closer to having a tunnel that makes moving around easier for everyone. There will be an accessible ramp at the eastern end of Kaisantunneli and an elevator at the western end,” says Project Director Juha Viitala from Destia.

Noise from tunnel entrance construction

The demolition of the existing pedestrian tunnel’s eastern end will start in the week beginning 10 April. The work takes about three weeks and includes noisy phases in the second half of April.

Work to support the new joint tunnel entrance will start at the beginning of May. This work includes noisy drilling. Concreting of the new entrance will be carried out in early June.

Noisy work takes place between 7.00 and 22.00. Quiet work may also be done at night.

The construction site area will be fenced, narrowing the route between the hotel and the construction site.

Follow the construction of Kaisantunneli

The Kaisantunneli tunnel provides a fast connection underneath the railway station. It will streamline the east-west bicycle traffic considerably as there will be a direct connection from Baana to the tunnel and Kaisaniemenpuisto. The pedestrian connections will also be improved, and the number of pedestrians and cyclists using Kaivokatu will decrease.

Destia will update its channels with current information on the progress of the work.

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