Solutions to global challenges

Helsinki offers a city-wide platform for testing, developing, piloting and scaling innovations. This will create growth to make the world a better place.


Supporting entrepreneurship through a business incubator network 

Helsinki is a pioneer in supporting innovation-oriented entrepreneurship. The Campus Incubators programme was established in cooperation with universities to strengthen the innovation ecosystem and help students and researchers in starting entrepreneurship. The new incubators bring together top Finnish research, students’ ideas and Helsinki’s excellent startup ecosystem. 

The business incubator network created instead of individual campus incubators enables diverse cooperation and the best possible use of the strengths of the universities. The networked business incubators complement each other and benefit from joint coaching programmes. The aim is to create 100 new businesses a year. 

More information on the Campus Incubators 


Making Helsinki a trendsetter in the circular economy

The circular economy provides an opportunity to promote innovation, business and climate goals. Besides the city, the City of Helsinki’s circular economy cluster programme involves companies, research institutions, universities and other partners. 

The circular economy cluster focuses particularly on construction because of the city’s major role as a client, developer and builder. Business Helsinki promotes the testing, development and piloting of circular economy-related innovations in a real-life setting, together with end users, city personnel and businesses. 

More information on the circular economy cluster programme(Link leads to external service)

Photo: Janne Hirvonen


Offering the City as a testbed 

The city provides diverse opportunities to innovate scalable solutions that create new businesses and business opportunities while simultaneously promoting the well-being of city residents. The innovation projects focus on issues related to health, learning, mobility and the challenges of urbanisation. 

The city’s development and testing platforms are physical or virtual environments where new solutions, products and services are developed, tested, piloted and scaled together with companies, city staff, end-users, universities and research institutes. The projects utilise the city’s infrastructure, data and service units, such as schools and health stations. 

The aim is to lower the experimentation threshold and support world-improving growth for the benefit of all city residents and companies. 

Read more about the city as a testbed(Link leads to external service)

Photo: Jussi Hellsten