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On these pages, you will find a carbon footprint calculator specifically designed for event organizers. We hope that the calculator will be helpful in organizing and developing climate-friendly events.

Carbon footprint calculator for events

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The City of Helsinki has created a carbon footprint calculator for events, which is suitable for gatherings of different sizes and types from outdoor events to congresses, hybrid and virtual events.

You don't need special expertise in carbon footprint calculation to use the calculator. The purpose of the calculator is to help event organisers identify the main sources of emissions from events. Identifying the main sources of emissions makes it easier to plan more climate-friendly events.

The carbon footprint of an event describes its impact on global warming. The global warming effect is measured by greenhouse gas emissions, the most important of which are carbon dioxide (CO2), methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O).

The calculation of the carbon footprint consists of six sub-areas identified as the most significant emission factors of events These sub-areas are:

•    traffic and transport
•    energy consumption
•    food
•    waste
•    procurements
•    accommodation

The calculator has been devised by Sitowise Oy and is based on the principles of life cycle assessment and the commonly used Greenhouse Gas Protocol guidelines.

The City of Helsinki will ask organisations that have subscribed to the carbon footprint calculator for events about their experiences. Based on feedback from users, the calculator will be further developed. By filling in the form that opens from the link, you will receive the calculator (Excel file) and a manual on how to use it (PDF file) by email.

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Carbon footprint calculator for events
Carbon footprint calculator for events