Leasing out play areas and additional yards to daycare centres

Daycare centres can use city-owned parks as play areas or rent public areas for use as additional yards.

A daycare centre can sign an access agreement with Helsinki for using a city-owned park or a part thereof as a play area. This is a fixed term contract. The access right to a park or play area is granted free of charge.

Apply for an access right or rent an additional yard

Fill in an application form and send it by email to the inspectors of the Land Use and Monitoring unit: ulkoilma@hel.fi

Fill in a form

Apply for an access right or rent an additional yard

Renting an additional yard

A daycare centre or other operator can also rent a public area for use as an additional yard, in which case the area is reserved exclusively for the use of the daycare centre. The rental agreement is a fixed-term agreement with a maximum term of ten years.  

The pricing of additional yard areas is based on zones, Please refer to the zone map to see in which zone your daycare centre is located. Pricing:

  • Zones 1 and 2: €0.17 per m² per month
  • Zone 3: €0.13 per m² per month.

Zone map (PDF, in Finnish)

Good to know about daycare centres’ outdoor areas

  • Access to a park or the renting of an area is assessed on a case-by-case basis. 
  • After an inspector has processed your application, you will receive either a decision on the lease and its terms or a decision and a lease agreement and terms to be signed.
  • Due to the high usage rates of public playgrounds and parks, access cannot always be granted to the play area the daycare centre put down as its first choice.
  • You can terminate the lease agreement by submitting a written notice of termination (PDF in Finnish).
  • If you need to have changes made to the agreement, please contact the inspectors.