Mobile sales and distribution from a bicycle, cart or moped

You can sell and distribute products from a bicycle, cart or moped (registered in class L1e or L2e) without a separate permit under certain conditions.

When don’t I need a permit?

  • If you plan to stay no longer than one hour at one place and you will not set up any structures, such as tables, chairs, tent canopies or aggregates, on the ground, you are allowed to sell your products without a permit.
  • If the width of your bicycle is a maximum of 0.8 metres. You can also connect a single-axle draw bar trailer to your bicycle, with a width of a maximum of 1.25 metres. The allowed maximum width for a tricycle or quadricycle is 1.25 m.

Please pay attention to the following:

Remember to follow traffic and parking rules, be considerate of other people using the area and ensure safety and accessibility. Please also note that motorised vehicles, such as mopeds, are not allowed in park areas.

When the area is in other use, you will need approval from the event organiser to carry out your operations.

If you wish to sell your products in commercial marketplaces during their sales hours, you need to sign an agreement with Helsingin Kaupunkitilat Oy (in Finnish)(Link leads to external service).

Please note that the Suomenlinna district differs from the areas administered by the City of Helsinki. Mobile sales activities and advertising in the protected World Heritage Site of Suomenlinna are prohibited.

In addition, in Senate square and Esplanadi Park mobile sales and distribution from a bicycle, cart or moped, as well as other sales activities, are prohibited.

Please do not get too close to other food trucks, kiosks or restaurants.