Starting a business

Follow these steps to start your path to entrepreneurship.

Make sure to reserve enough time. A careful planning process can take a couple of months with all the permits, registrations and funding.

  1. Get information and learn the basics.

    Download the Guide for Becoming an Entrepreneur. Attend the Starting a Business Info Event or Light Entrepreneur Info Event and the Business Plan & Calculations training. Check out our event calendar for upcoming training.

  2. Start planning in good time and make a practical business plan and calculations.

    Download templates for the business plan and calculations here. Think through how you will actually run your business. You will need this tool to start and develop your business and also for financiers and potential partners.

  3. Make use of our free training courses and personal and confidential business advisory services.

    Our business advisory team will coach you through your business plan and business idea. Book your business advisory session here.

  4. After completing steps 1–3, you are well prepared to apply for a start-up grant.

    Processing goes faster when you have a completed business plan and calculations.

    If you are applying for a start-up grant, remember not to register your company before the start-up grant decision. We also have an extensive network of partners to support your business (e.g. accounting, legal matters, marketing).