Business Plan

The business plan is your roadmap to planning your operations and operating as an entrepreneur.

Its purpose is to:

  1. Describe your future operations in tangible terms.

  2. Structure the various areas of your operation in more detail, e.g. productisation, pricing, customer target groups, marketing and sales.

  3. Clarify the profitability of the proposed business operations and the potential for success based on calculations made using the plans.

The following are excellent tools for drafting your business plan:

Business plan (Link leads to external service) (docx)

Calculation plan  (Link leads to external service)(xlsx)

Cash Flow Calculation (Link leads to external service) (xlsx)

We also provide free training on how to make the business plan and the calculations integral to it so that you don’t have to figure everything out by yourself. The calculations include the following:

  1. Financial statement
  2. Profitability calculation
  3. Sales calculation
  4. Cash flow calculation

You will learn how to use the business plan to start and improve the operations of your company. Make your business plan carefully: outline your target group and an attractive business idea, productise and determine the price for your products/services. This way, you will have steps to follow for the launching of sales and marketing. Remember also to define the goals you need to achieve to make your business profitable.

Register for the training here and download the business plan and calculation templates from the links above.

Completing the Starting a Business Info Event and Business Plan & Calculations training will allow you to benefit more from the personal business advisory services.