Tourism networks and projects

Helsinki is actively involved in many Finnish and foreign networks and projects that you can also join.

Helsinki's tourism promotion collaboration groups

Helsinki Tourism Advisory Board

The Helsinki Tourism Advisory Board makes the voice of businesses heard in the promotion and development of tourism. The board was set up for 2024–2025, and its members include the most important operators in the tourism industry, including the transport, catering, accommodation, experience and event sectors, and members from universities. The strength of the members lies in their expertise in the priority areas of tourism development, such as digitalisation and sustainability. The main tasks of the Helsinki Tourism Advisory Board are to identify and prioritise measures to promote the competitiveness and growth of Helsinki’s tourism and give suggestions for the city. Managing Director Laura Tarkka from Scandic Hotels Finland serves as the chairperson of the board. See all members of the group (in Finnish).

City Group’s Tourism Cooperation Group

The goal of the City Group’s Tourism Cooperation Group, set up for 2022–2025, is to agilely and sustainably promote the competitiveness, renewal and growth of Helsinki’s tourism. The members include central tourism operators from the City Group’s Communications Department, the Strategy Department’s international and safety teams, the Urban Environment Division, the Culture and Leisure Division as well as representatives from the Port of Helsinki, Helsinki Events Foundation, Helsinki City Premises and Helsinki Partners. The main tasks of the City Group’s Tourism Cooperation Group are to cooperate in indentifying and promoting the competitiveness and growth of tourism in Helsinki. City of Helsinki's Tourism Director Nina Vesterinen serves as the chairperson of the board.

Sustainability action group for the tourism and event sectors

The city’s internal group consisting of specialists in fields such as climate, equality, accessibility and inclusion.

Helsinki forum for sustainable tourism

A group of operators from outside the city organisation, including Visit Finland, Finnish Environment Institute, Helsinki Pride, Finnish Association of People with Physical Disabilities, Finnish Paralympic Committee, University of Helsinki, Association of Finnish Travel Industry, Finnish Hospitality Association MaRa and Finnish event industry association Tapahtumateollisuus ry.

Management team for safety in tourism

A group consisting of representatives of the city, security authorities and companies.