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Renting business space

The City of Helsinki rents space to companies and societies for, e.g. business premises and offices. Open spaces are listed on the Oikotie service. This page explains the rental process in more detail.

On this page

Rent business premises

Start by looking for premises on Oikotie.

Get advice from a rental negotiator

Rental negotiators identify and show suitable premises for businesses, organisations and associations and act as contact persons for all the stages of the rental process.

Southern District
Keskusta, Töölö, Kamppi, Punavuori, Kaartinkaupunki, Kaivopuisto, Eira, Kruununhaka, Ruoholahti, Suomenlinna, Jätkäsaari
Heidi Levänen, tel. 09 310 42102, 

Katajanokka, Lauttasaari
Riitta Airaksinen, tel. 09 310 39719, 

Western District
Meilahti, Ruskeasuo, Pikku-Huopalahti, Kivihaka, Etelä-Haaga, Pohjois-Haaga, Munkkiniemi, Kuusisaari-Lehtisaari, Munkkivuori, Pajamäki, Reimarla, Pitäjänmäki, Konala, Malminkartano, Kannelmäki, Maununneva, Lassila 
Riitta Airaksinen, tel. 09 310 39719, 

Central District
Ilmala, Itä-Pasila, Länsi-Pasila, Sörnäinen, Vallila, Kallio, Kalasatama, Toukola-Vanhakaupunki, Verkkosaari, Koskela, Käpylä
Kirsi Salonen, tel. 09 310 40373, 

Northern District
Metsälä, Maunula-Suursuo, Oulunkylä. Patola, Veräjämäki, Länsi-Pakila, Itä-Pakila, Paloheinä, Tuomarinkylä, Torpparinmäki
Jaana Salonen, tel. 09 310 21450, 

Northeastern District
Puistola, Suurmetsä, Tapaninvainio, Tapulikaupunki, Jakomäki, Savela, Viikki, Suutarila, Malmi, Pukinmäki, Tapanila, Siltamäki, Pihlajisto, Pihlajamäki
Jaana Salonen, tel. 09 310 21450, 

Southeastern District
Kulosaari, Herttoniemi, Roihuvuori, Tammisalo, Laajasalo, Jollas, Santahamina
Ritva Autio, tel. 09 310 31992, 

Eastern District
Roihupelto, Myllypuro, Kurkimäki, Kontula, Vesala, Mellunkylä, Fallbacka, Vartioharju, Vartiokylä, Puotila, Itäkeskus, Marjaniemi, Rastila, Meri-Rastila, Vuosaari
Thomas Björklund, puh. 09 310 52234,

Team leader for corporate rentals
Maarit Kontio
, tel. 09 310 21522,

How do I rent business premises?

  • Find a suitable space for you

    Find a suitable space with Oikotie. Please note that some spaces are rented by tender.

    Contact the rental negotiator responsible for the property via Oikotie for more information about a property, its intended use, and rental practices.

    Browse business premises on Oikotie

  • Find out if the space is suitable for your business

    You can ask your rental negotiator, who can see the intended use in the property documents.

    At this stage, you should know the activities you intend to carry out in the space as precisely as possible.

  • Arrange a showing and make a written offer

    Arrange a showing with the rental negotiator.

    See the rental conditions and the rental offer form. After receiving the offer, the negotiator will check the tenant’s credit and company information.

    Rental conditions (PDF, in Finnish)

    Electronic offer form (in Finnish)

    Rental offer (PDF, in Finnish)

    Rental offer (Word, in Finnish)

  • Wait for the decision and start your rental

    The official will make the rental decision as quickly as possible.

    Provide a security deposit (three months’ rent) and pick up the key.

    If you have any questions during the rental period or wish to terminate the contract, please contact the rental negotiator responsible for the property or a rental negotiator for the same district.

Frequently asked questions

The Culture and Recreation Department rents spaces for events and meetings. See the Culture and Recreation Department’s website for more information.

No, there are not. All the available spaces are advertised there.

The business activity must match the intended use of the space. You should consult the owner of the property, such as Heka (Helsingin kaupungin asunnot Oy), about changing the intended use. The tenant is responsible for obtaining permission and any modifications and costs.

If you want to terminate your rental contract, please contact the email address . The space must be empty when the contract expires.

You can obtain a terrace permit from the Urban Environment Division’s land use department. See more information on the land use planning website.

The Urban Environment Division’s land use department grants event permits for public spaces. Read more on the land use planning website.

Absolutely. You should take a look at the space and its surroundings before signing a rental agreement. You should also consider whether the area has a need for the business you are planning. For more information about entrepreneurship, contact NewCo business advice.

You have to pay rent all year round.

You need to notify us about the change. The rental contract may not be transferred during the first four years.

Only if they are available on Oikotie.

Detached houses are sometimes rented by tender on Oikotie.

You can enquire about rentals via email at .