Notification of primary production

Submit a registration notification for primary production to the supervision of foodstuffs run by the city. Primary production includes, for example, milk production, egg production, growing fruit and vegetables, growing cereals and mushrooms, producing honey and fishing.

The primary production of foodstuffs refers to the first phase of food production. Submit the notification of primary production to the City's supervision of foodstuffs in writing and in good time before the start of operations. For more information, visit the Finnish Food Authority's website by following the links listed in the useful links sidebar on this page.

Submit a notification of primary production

Fill in the notification form as a PDF file and send it by e-mail to You can also print out the notification and send it by post.

Submit a notification of a primary production site or a notification of the transport of products or of significant changes in these to the supervision of foodstuffs. We recommend submitting the notification no later than four weeks before the commencement of operations or the significant change. The handling of the notification and the first inspection are free of charge.

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