Notification of activities related to food contact materials

You must submit a notification about the commencement, substantial change, change of operator or termination of activities involving food contact materials. Food contact materials include all materials and articles that come into contact with food.

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The notification obligation applies to the manufacturer, importer and distributor of food contact materials, such as wholesaler. Please describe your premises and your contact material activities in the notification. Submit the notification also about a significant change in your activities, for example, if the operator changes or the activities end. Food contact materials are all materials and articles which come into contact with food directly or indirectly. These include food packaging materials, dishes and cutlery as well as cooking supplies and appliances.

Submit a written notification about your premises and your contact material activities in order to register your operations. If the operations are located in Helsinki, you must submit a notification to the supervisory authority of the City of Helsinki.

Submit a contact material operator's notification

Submit a contact material operator's notification in the Ilppa service or with a separate form You can authenticate in the service with identification using either a mobile certificate or online banking credentials.

Additional information

If you are unable to use the electronic form, fill in the PDF or Word form and send it by e-mail to opens default mail program)

Use the online service

Online services

Requires authentication.

Send us mail

Postal address

Environmental Services / Food Safety Unit, P.O. Box 58235, 00099 City of Helsinki

Checklist for submitting the notification

  1. Submit the notification in good time

    Submit the notification in good time or at least four weeks before starting the operations. 

  2. Submit the notification in the electronic service

    Submit the contact material operator’s notification in the electronic service(Link leads to external service) of the environmental health care. 

  3. Wait until your notification is processed and you receive the certificate

    We will process your notification on average within seven working days of receiving the notification. We will contact you if we need additional information. We will send you a certificate when your notification has been processed. 

  4. Pay the invoice for the handling fee when you receive it

    The handling of the notification is subject to a fee. We will send you the invoice afterwards. The fees for supervision of foodstuffs can be found in the table of rates (PDF in Finnish).

Supervision of contact material activities

When you send us the notification, we receive the necessary information about the activities and add it to our supervision database. After registration, your food contact material activities will be subject to regular supervision. The frequency of the supervision depends on the scope of your activities and risks. The advisory service on food issues provides guidance on matters related to the establishment of contact material operations.

Read more about the legislation concerning contact material operators

More information on contact material operations and legislation concerning food contact materials is available on the Finnish Food Authority’s website.

Legislation on the Finnish Food Authority’s website(Link leads to external service)