Business liaisons

Business liaisons work to increase the cooperation between the city and companies by advising entrepreneurs. The business liaisons can help your company find exactly the right city partners for cooperation.

You can turn to the business liaisons in questions ranging from your company’s physical operating environment and permit matters, labour and competence needs, to the development of early-stage entrepreneurship and business cooperation.

Business liaisons identify and listen to the needs of companies and actively seek solutions. With the help of business liaisons, the City of Helsinki is able to better respond to the requests of entrepreneurs and promote a business-friendly culture in the city.

The city currently employs three business liaisons, each with their own area of responsibility. You can contact any of the business liaisons directly, or send a message to their shared email address at opens default mail program).

Assistance provided by business liaisons for entrepreneurs:

  • Advice on matters concerning land use and permits
  • Assistance with needs for labour and expertise
  • Promotion of cooperation with businesses
  • Development of regional entrepreneur networks