Striving for more and better-skilled workforces

Business Helsinki responds to the labour market’s changing skills needs in cooperation with vocational education providers and higher education institutes. The aim is to increase Helsinki’s appeal for workers in various fields, remove obstacles to immigration and facilitate integration. Continuous learning and access to skilled jobs are in everyone’s interest.


Increasing the well-being of young people 

Youth is a time of both high risk and opportunity. The earlier young people find suitable services, education and work, the better for everyone. Business Helsinki helps young people seize education and employment opportunities.  

Ohjaamo Helsinki is a low-threshold service for 15–29-year-old Helsinki residents, providing information and support for different life situations free of charge and without an appointment. Young people are provided with access to experts in various fields who advise on issues such as finding work or a study place, career choices, health, housing and leisure time. 

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Accelerating the employment of international workers

The growth of the city and the well-being of Helsinki residents and companies require being attractive to international workers. Business Helsinki participates in increasing the appeal of the city and helping immigrants and their families to integrate and find work that matches their skills.  

International House Helsinki (IHH) provides newly arrived immigrants with information and opportunities under the same roof. International House Helsinki also serves companies and employers in matters pertaining to the international workforce and its recruitment, thus contributing to job creation and business growth. 

More information on International House Helsinki (in Finnish)(Link leads to external service)