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Increasing Helsinki’s appeal

Business Helsinki aims to increase tourists’ interest in Helsinki by especially making use of the city’s offering of maritime characteristics, urban culture, eventfulness and experiences. Besides increasing the number of jobs and amount of income, the aim is to make tourists and residents enjoy and love Helsinki even more.


Making Helsinki the world’s most sustainable tourist destination 

By 2026, Helsinki will be the world’s most sustainable and smartest travel destination, with a clear competitive advantage through the continuous development of sustainability. Business Helsinki sets out to increase the number of companies committed to common sustainability and responsible service provision goals. 

The multi-regional Sustainable Growth for Tourism project supports the competitiveness and recovery from the pandemic of SMEs in the sector by developing new products for the international market. Helsinki focuses on developing knowledge-based management skills, cyber security and sustainability and considering the needs of different target groups in tourism services. The cooperation helps us to increase the flow of tourists and business in the sector in an increasingly sustainable way. 

More information on the Sustainable Growth for Tourism project (in Finnish)  


Increasing attractiveness through maritime-urban culture

Helsinki would not be Helsinki without the Baltic Sea and archipelago. Therefore, the protection of the Baltic Sea is a matter of both reason and heart for us. Helsinki’s maritime characteristics are utilised through events and experiences that enrich the lives of residents and tourists, from Baltic Herring Market and Harakka Island’s mobile nature trail to the Helsinki Biennial. 

Helsinki Biennial is an international art event that brings high-quality, contemporary art to maritime Helsinki. It is curated and produced by the Helsinki Art Museum HAM. 

Business Helsinki’s role is to ensure the development of Helsinki’s top maritime services and destinations. We strengthen business cooperation and provide opportunities for maritime experiments with a focus on opening and maintaining coastal routes, promoting the planning of the archipelago and shore areas and strengthening transport connections. 

More information on the Helsinki Biennial

Photo: Vesa Laitinen