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Creating more and bigger business

Helsinki supports the creation of new companies and innovations and the growth of existing ones at all stages of their life cycle. The city provides assistance for the companies all the way from their plot and office space needs up to networking, financing and finding experts. Helsinki organises more than 200 growth-promoting events for thousands of participants annually. The goal is to be the best platform for new business in Europe by 2025. This is how we will increase the number of businesses and jobs and create well-being.


Increasing well-being through health innovations 

Business Helsinki supports innovative health-promoting business activities with the aim of increasing both the well-being of the residents and tax revenues.  

Health Capital Helsinki is a network formed by the Helsinki Metropolitan Area cities and universities and the Hospital District of Helsinki and Uusimaa to accelerate cooperation between actors in the life science and health technology sectors. The aim is to make the Helsinki Metropolitan Area the best place in Europe for research, development and business in this field.

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Health Incubator Helsinki is a business incubator programme of the City of Helsinki and the University for research-based early-stage teams and startups in the health care sector. The incubator offers long-term support, tailored advice and networking opportunities for startups.

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Promoting learning through innovative business 

Finland is a model country for teaching and learning. Business Helsinki uses this fact to accelerate the creation and growth of innovative growth companies in the sector. 

The world’s first incubator dedicated to learning and training technologies brings together top innovations and experts in the field, from investors and researchers to learners. EdTech Incubator Helsinki helps develop ideas into commercial success stories with the support of the best experts and leading universities. The main objective is to promote entrepreneurship and new business by providing a test platform to test, develop and pilot ideas in virtual and physical environments, especially in schools.

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