Soft landing

Soft landing services for growth-oriented entrepreneurs

Helsinki is the place to be if you want to establish your company. The city holds a remarkable pool of digital and tech talent and is welcoming towards new business ideas. With its strong entrepreneurial mindset and a supportive community it is the ideal location for you to build your business and expand to the European market.


Business Helsinki provides, together with its partners, soft landing services that are designed to help you establish your company in the Helsinki region, get your new startup up and running or expanding your business in Europe. Our startup soft landing services help experienced growth entrepreneurs bring their business to Finland and grow fast.  

You can book an appointment with our startup soft landing experts or contact them by email(Link opens default mail program). Service is provided in English.

Your success is our goal. Together with a local startup mentor you will build a tailored plan for your business’ fast growth and development based on your company’s current stage and needs.

  • Get connected to local investors
  • Set up market entry strategy
  • Get advice in 1-on-1 mentoring sessions
  • Get guidance in understanding the local business culture and practices
  • Attend a variety of our workshops and training events
  • Expand further to other international markets with our global network

You do not need to start building your local network from scratch. Get started with us and our partners.

  • Get introductions to the ecosystem
  • Meet investors, startups and other key players at networking events
  • Get connected with potential clients and partners through our existing networks

Moving to a new country always requires a bit of paperwork.

At International House Helsinki (Link leads to external service)you can:

  • Apply for an EU citizen's right of residence
  • Apply for a personal identity code 
  • Receive tax counseling and apply for a tax card
  • Apply for social security benefits
  • Receive guidance and support related to services offered by the cities of Helsinki, Espoo, and Vantaa

Please note that our startup soft landing services are tailored to fit the needs of experienced startup entrepreneurs planning to establish their business in Finland. To use our service, your startup must have adequate funding, at least two founders willing to relocate to Helsinki and an innovative solution to be brought to international markets.

Mikko Armila, Senior Business Advisor, has years of experience working with tech and growth startups as a team member, entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and coach. Over the past eight years, Mikko has helped hundreds of startups and scaleups with different acceleration programs, consultations, and fundraising efforts. Mikko has had an extended career in major international companies, including FMCG, Media & Marketing, Internet & Gaming, Telecommunications, and e-commerce, holding various international and local positions. With his experience, he is ready to help companies establish and expand their business in new countries. You can reach Mikko at opens default mail program).


Jochen Faugel, Business Advisor, has extensive experience working for corporates and startups. He has helped organizations be more agile, mentored entrepreneurs, and supported startups to get their feet on the ground and grow. Jochen is a business coach with plenty of knowledge on how to guide clients to success through personal guidance and tailored training programs. In a previous role Jochen worked at Arctic Startup where he was running the startup coaching services and took part in hosting one of Helsinki’s best known business events.  You can reach Jochen at opens default mail program).


Sisu Factory(Link leads to external service) is a startup soft landing service. It’s a team put together by the cities of Helsinki, Espoo & Vantaa with the goal to help startups relocate to Finland successfully. Free of charge for your service.

Contact us (Link opens default mail program) for soft landing services.