Founded in 1986, Eurocities is a network of European metropolitan areas, which now includes more than 200 European cities from 39 countries. In the Eurocities network, Helsinki oversees the interests of the city and its citizens, focusing in particular on measures that support and promote economic recovery, public service development, digitalisation, climate change mitigation and regional innovation ecosystems.

Helsinki’s participation in the Eurocities network aims to:
•    increase Helsinki’s visibility among European cities and EU institutions
•    network and build partnerships to promote strategic projects
•    share knowledge and develop the skills of city personnel, and
•    influence EU decision-making.

In 2022, Helsinki will chair the Eurocities Economic Forum, where the network’s strategic actions will focus on the following themes:
1. Digitalisation and technology for people: bringing together the potential of cities to create technological sovereignty in Europe,
2. Ecological crisis and the recovery: developing cooperation between European cities to form high-impact public-private partnerships to create local solutions to the environmental crisis, and
3. Post-pandemic sustainable tourism: re-launching the European tourist industry, with the aim of developing more sustainable practices and infrastructure.

The Economic Forum has three approaches to achieving the objectives: EU urban policy; an instrument for EU recovery; lifelong learning, skills and employment.

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