Tourism events

Tourism and Destination Management Unit of Business Helsinki organises many events both independently and together with partners and stakeholders.

Feast Sunday in Helsinki on 26 and 27 May

Feast Sunday invites people out to eat in Helsinki's restaurants and Senate Square on Sunday 26 and Monday 27 of May!

On May 27, the city of Helsinki will host the MICHELIN Guide Ceremony Nordic Countries event, i.e. the event to announce the Michelin stars of Nordic restaurants. One of the world's most famous food industry events, it brings the Nordic tops of the industry to Helsinki.

In honour of the celebration, several restaurants in Helsinki, popular with gourmets, will open their doors exceptionally on Sunday and Monday in the spirit of Feast Sunday. The weekend that starts the Feast Helsinki food weeks continues on Monday and invites you to go out to eat and cheer on the amazing professionals in the restaurant industry.

Feast Sunday Restaurants(Link leads to external service)

In addition to the restaurant experiences, a grandstand will be built next to the summer terrace of the Senate Square for the support teams of the MICHELIN Guide Ceremony Nordic Countries gala on May 27 from 16:00 to 20:00. The grandstand is open to everyone, and there will be summer treats and drinks available by the terrace suppliers, as well as an uplifting program before the awards ceremony broadcast live from the Savoy Theatre.

Michelin Grandstand at the Senate Square(Link leads to external service)

You can also find all the restaurants involved in the Feast Sunday in the Feast Helsinki Mobile Guide. In addition, all Helsinki's food year events are listed in the guide.

Feast Helsinki Mobile Guide(Link leads to external service)

Kaksi naista ruokailee kahvilassa
Photo: Julia Kivelä / Helsinki Partners

Seminar: Food For Thought – Sustainable Future of Food and Restaurant Sectors

When: on 28 May 2024 from 9:00 to 11:30
Where: Kulttuurikasarmi(Link leads to external service), Narinkka 2, Helsinki
Price: Free of charge

On 28 May 2024, we invite you to the B2B Food For Thought – Sustainable Future of Food and Restaurant Sectors morning seminar from 9:00 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. in Kulttuurikasarmi, Helsinki!

In the event, we'll get a glimpse into the future of the food world guided by inspiring speakers: expect talks on topics such as biohacking, the fusion of food and clean tech, as well as restaurant sustainability and carbon footprint in the wholesale business. We'll also get a taste for thought about future dining experiences. Language used in this event is English. It is one of the side events for The MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries Ceremony 2024. Event partners are The Helsinki Distilling Company, Kespro and Valio Aimo. We reserve the right to changes in the programme.


08:45 a.m. Check in and pick your badge

09:00 a.m. Welcome and good morning!
Hosts Signe Jungersted, CEO, Founding Partner, GroupNao and Samuil Angelov, Sommelier, Muru Dining

A View of Sustainability from an Asian Traveller’s Angle
Jaakko Sorsa, Quality Director, Nordic Hospitality Partners & Executive Chef, Tasting Kitchen (TK) Media Group, Asia

Sustainable Sustainability Talk in Restaurants
Laura Styyra, restaurateur, Restaurant Kuurna & Kuurna’s vegetable shop

Future of Food: Biohacker's Perspectives on Nutrition & Impact on Restaurants
Teemu Arina, Best-selling Author & Biohacker, Dicole Oy

Food - A Multisensory Experience for Good and in Bad
Mari Sandell, professor in sensory food science, University of Helsinki

Refreshment Break

Food Out of Thin Air
Laura Sinisalo, CXO, Solar Foods

The Life Cycle Carbon Footprint as a Perspective for More Responsible Choices and Responsibility Communication
Valtter Vuori, Development Manager, Corporate responsibility, Kespro

Panel discussion: "What Makes the Dining Experience Multifaceted and Alluring?"
Ville Relander, Restaurateur, Kirsikka & Madonna
Anders Selmer, Founder and co-owner of Kødbyens Fiskebar
Mikko Mykkänen, CEO, Master Distiller, The Helsinki Distilling Company
Samuil Angelov, Sommelier, Muru Dining
Signe Jungersted, CEO, Founding Partner, GroupNao

11:35 a.m. Closing Words

11:40-12:30 Food to Nourish Body and Soul (Lunch)

Signe Jungersted
Signe Jungersted is the CEO and founding partner of the innovation and strategy agency Group NAO. She is formerly the Development Director of Wonderful Copenhagen, where she was responsible for the strategic shift towards “localhood” and a focus on balancing livability and visitability. Signe holds a Master’s Degree in political science, studied Mandarin in Shanghai and has since pursued management education at MIT Boston, Hyper Island Stockholm and is currently completing an MBA in Creative Leadership in Berlin.

Jaakko Sorsa
Jaakko Sorsa began his culinary career nearly three decades ago as a kitchen intern at Palace Gourmet Restaurant in Helsinki. Since then, he has cooked around the world, from the Middle East to Bermuda, from the Fiji Islands to Japan. For the last 19 years, Jaakko has been based in Hong Kong and since recently shares his time with homeland Finland.

Teemu Arina
Teemu Arina is an internationally renowned author, speaker, and biohacker specializing in the future of digitalization. Arina specializes particularly in key questions concerning the future of learning, work, leadership, housing, and health. He explores the relationship between humans and machines and what it means for the future of humanity.

Laura Sinisalo
Laura, the CXO of Solar Foods, brings a rich background in brand, design, and creative management, cultivated through leadership roles at companies like Marimekko and collaborations with global giants like Ferrari. Her expertise extends to nurturing small businesses, aiding in the development and establishment of their brand identities. Thriving in environments fostering cross-disciplinary collaboration and innovation, she plays a pivotal role at Solar Foods, shaping brand development and communication strategies to reflect the company's pioneering efforts in sustainable food technology.

Mari Sandell
Mari is a professor of sensory quality research in the Department of Food and Nutrition in the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry at the University of Helsinki. She is also a professor of sensory perception at the Faculty of Medicine at the University of Turku and an adjunct professor of flavor chemistry and sensory perception. She is also Vice Dean responsible for societal interaction, innovations and communication.

Laura Styyra
Laura Styyra is a Helsinki-based restaurateur who runs Finland's only organic fruit and vegetable shop along-side restaurant Kuurna, which after 18 years of existing still stands strong in the forefront of the Finnish seasonal bistro scene. Laura is dedicated to modernizing the restaurant industry's employee experience in order for Helsinki to achieve a sustainable and lively restaurant scene in the future. She is enthusiastic about the topic of discovering what hospitality can be in its most authentic form.

Valtter Vuori
Valtter Vuori has previous background in domestic and global purchasing operations in the supply chain. Since his graduation in 2022 (Msc in Food Science, University of Helsinki), he has worked in sustainability related expert positions in largest foodservice wholesaler Kespro. In his current position he focuses on development projects related to responsibility legislation and supporting customers in more responsible choices, sustainability management and communication.

Ville Relander
Ville Relander is the restaurateur of Restaurant Kirsikka in Hakaniemi Market Hall and Italian Restaurant Madonna. This international ambassador of food and restaurant culture has credentials from both the city's ranks and the forefront of the street food revolution, as well as projects uniting the restaurant industry.

Anders Selmer
Anders is the man with the plan and has a head full of great ideas and new concepts. He opened Kødbyens Fiskebar in 2009 in cooperation with Bagge Algreen-Ussing in Copenhagen. Previously Anders was part of Noma as a restaurant manager and sommelier, and was also behind TyvenKokkenHansKoneOgHendesElsker and Delicatessen.

Mikko Mykkänen
The Helsinki Distilling Company’s Mikko Mykkänen is the most successful Master Distiller in Finland. His superior-quality distillates have won multiple gold medals in international competitions. Mykkänen himself has won the highly distinguished Outstanding Innovation award at Europe’s largest craft spirits event, Berlin Destille. He is also one of the rare non-UK members of the Gin Guild in London.

Samuil Angelov
Samuil Angelov is one of Finland's most distinguished sommeliers, who has been working in the well-known restaurants of central Helsinki since the late 90s. For the last more than ten years he has been running Muru Restaurants which includes 7 restaurants and a wine bar. Samuil is also involved in the board of the International Sommelier Association ASI for the third term.

The latest MICHELIN Stars awarded to Nordic restaurants will be revealed in the MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries Ceremony in Helsinki on 27 May 2024. The City of Helsinki is one of the ceremony's hosts. Photo: MICHELIN
The latest MICHELIN Stars awarded to Nordic restaurants will be revealed in the MICHELIN Guide Nordic Countries Ceremony in Helsinki on 27 May 2024. The City of Helsinki is one of the ceremony's hosts. Photo: MICHELIN