Helsinki Region

Helsingin region 2050 project is funded and organized by the region's municipalities Helsinki, Espoo, Vantaa, Sipoo, Kirkkonummi, Kauniainen, Vihti, Nurmijärvi, Hyvinkää, Tuusula, Kerava, Järvenpää, Pornainen and Mäntsälä.

Maintaining the only metropolitan area in Finland as competitive, cosy and ecological requires colloboration between municipalities and residents.

The project aims to create a shared vision for future of the region. To realise this vision, the municipalities will use the prized entries and the comments given by residents, municipality officials and experts. Now is the time to contribute.



Land area 184,5 km2
Population 560 950
Living space 33,7 m2/person
Workplaces 370 400


Land area 311,9 km2
Population 231 750
Living space35,1 m2/person
Workplaces 108 000


Land area 323,2 km2
Population 43 850
Living space35,5 m2/person
Workplaces 17 100


Land area 5,9 km2
Population 8 500
Living space45,5 m2/person
Workplaces 2750


Land area 365,0 km2
Population 33 600
Living space38,6 m2/person
Workplaces 10 300


Land area 362,5 km2
Population 37 400
Living space37,2 m2/person
Workplaces 10 600


Land area 522,0 km2
Population 25 950
Living space37,8 m2/person
Workplaces 7 700


Land area 37,5 km2
Population 37 550
Living space35,2 m2/person
Workplaces 12 200


Land area 30,8 km2
Population 31 550
Living space35,0 m2/person
Workplaces 10 300


Land area 581,0 km2
Population 18 250
Living space38,2 m2/person
Workplaces 5 150


Land area 146,6 km2
Population 4 800
Living space37,0 m2/person
Workplaces 900


Land area 364,1 km2
Population 18 750
Living space40,5 m2/person
Workplaces 5 350


Land area 219,7 km2
Population 34 900
Living space37,0 m2/person
Workplaces 12 200


Land area 240,8 km2
Population 187 300
Living space33,7 m2/person
Workplaces 95 750

Have an influence on your future

Emission card? Road tolls? Shop-on-rail? Tunnel to Tallin or Stockholm? Tax breaks for zero emission areas? Independent local goverment? The future of Helsinki region is determined now.

Greater Helsinki Vision 2050

Greater Helsinki Vision 2050 was an open international design competition for developing the Helsinki region. It was internationally notable in the placing of target, the size of the planning area and prize sum. The first prize was 160.000 euros and all together half a million euros were given in prizes.