New trams for Helsinki

The new trams will enter service during the summer and autumn of 2013. The service will initially begin with two trams that will be used to test the features of the new tram cars prior to starting serial production. By 2018, there will be a total of 40 new tram cars in traffic. On these pages you can read about the features and innovations of the new trams.

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10.10.2007 The City Council approved the project plan for new trams
2008 HKL launched an extensive feasibility survey of structural solutions for the new trams for the City of Helsinki
2009 HKL Tram Transport issued invitations for tenders to supply the new trams
2.12.2010 The Board of HKL selected Transtech Ltd, a Finnish rolling stock manufacturer, as the supplier of the new trams for Helsinki
24.3.2011 HKL and Transtech Ltd signed the contract
2011-2012 The new tram is designed jointly with different user groups, and shortlisted proposals are tested with a real-size tram model
13.6.2013 The new tram will be rolled out at the Transtech manufacturing plant in Otanmäki in Kajaani
June 2013 The first new tram will arrive in Helsinki
Autumn 2013 Test runs in passenger traffic with the first two tram cars will be launched
Spring 2015 Serial tram deliveries will begin
Year 2018 All 40 trams will be operating fully in Helsinki

More practical

The tram provides easy access and a comfortable travel experience for passengers. Support poles, folding seats and integrated hand rails facilitate passenger movement and standing during journey.

Modern design

The design of the tram speaks of practicality and performance. The new tram is a modern addition to Helsinki that still remains respectful to its predecessors of the past decades.

Better environmental sustainability

The new tram is considerably more ecological than its predecessors. It is built from very durable materials, reducing costs due to wear and tear. The weight per passenger seat is lighter, which reduces stress on the wheels and tracks compared to previous models. Carefully designed technical solutions and selected materials ensure a long lifespan for the car.

Better energy efficiency

The new tram is more energy efficient. LED lighting used in the car saves up to 40-60% energy compared to the same luminous efficiency of old fluorescent lights. Energy released during braking is used to heat the car in winter conditions. Selective glazing reduces the need for cooling during summer.

Better visibility

Visibility of the tram on the streets is important both in bright sunlight and at night. That is why the new tram stands out better than before. Its destination displays and external lights, with the exception of the full beam, use LED technology.

More light

Light interior colours and LED lighting create a spacious impression. Spaciousness is emphasised by the width of the car as well as a roomy passage area between compartments.

More comfort for passengers

The new tram car is fully low-floor design and runs smoothly thanks its pivoting bogies and flexible structure. The seats are easily accessible, and they are installed at a height that allows passengers an unobstructed view over surrounding traffic.

Better suited for Helsinki

The new tram is the first model designed particularly for the City of Helsinki for more than 60 years. It runs smoothly anywhere in the tram network of Helsinki and is able to withstand our northern maritime climate; the design is modern yet respecting the appearance of the old tram cars of the past decades of the city.

More reliable

The new tram takes you to your destination in all conditions. Its technology guarantees your journey in inclement weather, steep curves or trenches or even in a combination of all of these.


The design of the car takes into account the safety of both passengers and pedestrians, and all materials are fire-resistant. Recording video control and the driver's presence ensure your safety even if you catch the last service in the middle of the night.