Correct actions in an accident

In a case of an accident, the law states that everyone is obligated to stop at the scene of the accident, perform rescue operations in accordance to their skills and make an emergency call. Help whenever you can: extinguish a starting fire, give first aid, warn others, guide and call the emergency number 112. Continue your rescue measures until professional help arrives.

An emergency situation can be caused by, for example, a sudden illness or seizure, accident, traffic accident, fire, water damage or some other event, where a person, animal, property or the environment is in some danger.

Everyone who notices or finds out that a fire has broken out, an accident has occurred or that there is a threat of these, and they cannot prevent it, are obligated to notify those in danger, call the emergency centre and undertake rescue measures in accordance with their skills. The priorities are to save people and warn them about the accident.