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After an accident

The director of rescue operations contacts various authorities immediately, if those involved in the accident require help or further treatment after the accident. This need for help can be either physical or mental. The Rescue Department works closely together with, for example, health authorities, social authorities and the police.  

If there was a fire in your home

  • If you have breathed in fire gas and you are not feeling well, please seek treatment from a health station.
  • Contact the building manager and the housing company’s board of directors.
  • If you suspect that a crime could be involved in the fire, report it to the police and request a copy of the filed police report/police investigation record for your insurance company.
  • Contact your insurance company and request them to examine the damages. This must be done before any repair work is started.
  • Prevent further damages and ensure that the premises are guarded.
  • Find a place to stay if you cannot stay at home. The City of Helsinki’s emergency social services will assist in finding emergency accommodation. The City of Helsinki’s emergency social services are available by phone +358 (0)206 96006, every day around the year.

Crisis support after an accident

An accident can be shocking, whether you were the victim, a loved one or a helper.  In Helsinki, the on-duty crisis support service maintained by the Department of Social Services and Health Care gives acute crisis support in sudden crisis situations, such as the sudden death of a loved one, violent situations, a serious injury or illness or a fire.
Contact information for the crisis support service: tel. +358 (0)9 3104 4222 all year round 24/7.

Further information on emergency social services and crisis support.