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Functional dimensioning

In functional dimensioning, the fulfilment of E1 section’s fire safety demands is proven through calculations or some other method. Typical tools of functional dimensioning include fire and evacuation simulation programmes and various fire dynamic formulas. Usually, only part of the building’s fire technology is planned using the functional dimensioning and the numerical criteria are applied to the rest of the fire technology.

Contents of a fire safety plan

Regardless of whether the numerical criteria or functional dimensioning is used for fire safety design, the following factors are usually presented in the plan:

• Fire compartmenting
• Fire resistance of the structures
• Evacuation arrangements
• Smoke ventilation
• First-aid extinguishing equipment
• Surface layer categories
• Rescue operation arrangements
• Specification of fire safety equipment (fire alarm, extinguishing devices)
• Compensations and deviations of the specifications
• Fire safety arrangements during use
• Additionally, other factors related to fire safety can be presented, based on the location’s special features

The plan usually has a written part and attached drawings. The attached drawings must be delivered in colour. The smoke ventilation plan is often compiled as a separate document.

The fire safety plan does not include the implementation planning of extinguishing system or fire alarm system. The plans of a smoke ventilation’s machinery or channels are usually also not part of the fire safety plan. Planners and approval proceedings are in place for these plans.

Approving the fire safety plan

The fire safety plan is attached to the building permit application. It will be presented to the Rescue Department’s advisory group, which is the specialist authority of building control. With regard to complex locations, the fire safety plan should be presented to the Rescue Department already during the early stages of planning. When necessary, the Rescue Department makes a statement concerning the plan or stamps it as a sign that the plan has been approved.