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Pyrotechnical effects

The use of explosives and dangerous chemicals in special effects is discussed in the chemical and explosives legislations (Act on the safe handling on dangerous chemicals and explosives 390/2005, Government decree on the control of manufacturing and storage of explosives 819/2015). The special effects used in public events are also referred to as “effects”, “pyro technology” and “pyros”.

Explosives or dangerous chemicals can be used as special effects in the public meetings and events defined in the Assembly Act (530/1999), if the rescue authority has been notified of this at least 14 days before the event is being arranged. This notification should appoint a person in charge of the special effects, who has to have the effects field qualification defined in the charger act (pyrotechnician’s certificate). The duty of the person in charge is to ensure that the explosives or dangerous chemicals are used in accordance with the regulations, following the restrictions and terms of the rescue authorities.

The notification about the use of effects during public events is made by using the “Notification of special effects use” form or by sending it by e-mail to pel.tapahtumat(at) or by mail to
The City of Helsinki
Rescue Department / Events and temporary accommodation
PO Box 112
00099 The City of Helsinki.
Based on the notification, the rescue authorities can determine the necessary safety restrictions and terms for the intended use of special effects. The rescue authorities can prohibit their use, if it can be seen as dangerous to people, the environment or property in the intended location during the stated time. 

More information about the requirements concerning the use of effects is available in the Pyrotechnical effects and dangerous chemicals used as effects during public events and in assembly facilities guide  (In Finnish).