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Services of Rescue Department

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Helsinki City Rescue Department aims to help and rescue ill, injured or otherwise distressed wild animals. More about service:
Rescue Department's chemical control prevents the possible damages caused by dangerous chemicals and explosives. More about service:
A civil defence shelter is a space or building that protects people against armed attacks, collapsed buildings, ionising radiation and toxic substances. More about service:
An evacuation refers to moving people and property to safety from dangerous areas or locations. More about service:
An e-service for making an announcement or filing a license application to the different authorities of Helsinki about events, public happenings and sales and marketing events in Helsinki. More about service:
Fire fighter training is a two-year vocational training that prepares for a fire fighter diploma. More about service:
The Rescue Department carries out the scheduled fire inspection in its region. More about service:
The Rescue Department organises training on fire safety and safety culture at home and workplaces. More about service:
The use of fireworks must be notified to the municipality's rescue authorities. More about service:
In-house control performed by the Rescue Department is the supervision of residential buildings carried out in accordance with the Rescue Act. More about service:
An invoice of the ambulance transport by the emergency medical service will be sent to the customer. Its sum is based on the decree concerning the compensation costs of emergency medical care. More about service:
There are 38 public warning sirens in the City of Helsinki and they are maintained by the Rescue Department. More about service:
The Rescue Department rents out the bedrock shelters it maintains in different locations in Helsinki. The bedrock shelters are rented out for storage and recreational use, for example. More about service:
Rescue operations are in charge of securing a person's life or health when a fire or some other accident, or a threat of them, requires urgent measures. More about service:
During the building's planning phase, rescue authorities will give advice and guidance in fire safety matters. More about service:
The Rescue Department organises preparedness and civil defence training. More about service:
Tulipysäkki, i.e. the Fire Stop, is an operational model by the Rescue Department that intervenes in the illicit fires lit by children and young people. More about service: