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Travel trade

The development of tourism in Helsinki is the responsibility of the Economic Development department’s Travel and Tourism unit. Its tasks include promoting tourism in the city and developing the operating environment in a sustainable and intelligent way in cooperation with the tourism ecosystem. It is also responsible for providing tourist information services, increasing international cooperation, and promoting tourism products, innovation, digitalisation and knowledge management.

A new city owned company, Helsinki Partners, is responsible for the tourism promotion and it provides information, news, advice and assistance to tour operators and travel agents.

This site compiles information for companies in the tourism and experience economy sectors and the media and other stakeholders. The site contains current travel and tourism news, material and statistics, information about the City of Helsinki’s travel and tourism development work and contact information for those working in the experience economy sector.

Coronavirus and the tourism and hospitality industry

The Economic Development department provides companies with relevant information on the impact of the coronavirus at the NewCo Helsinki site.

Information specifically intended for tourists on the effects of the coronavirus can be found on the MyHelsinki website.

Travel and tourism news

Helsinki to promote and revitalise tourism through cooperation groups
Tourism industry gains its own carbon footprint calculator

Helsinki attracts food and drink companies
Helsinki is a pioneer in safe tourism
Helsinki aims to be an attractive culinary destination
Helsinki looking to invest in the development of sustainable tourism
The new Heatmap website shows the most congested areas of Helsinki in real time
Helsinki focuses on international competitiveness with the aim of making strides in attracting foreign investments, visitors and experts as well as developing the city brand

Contact us

Contact information for people working with the travel, tourism and experience economy sectors can be found on the Contact information site.

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