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Competitive Helsinki

The Economic Development Division of the City works to improve the competitiveness and appeal of Helsinki, in order to create new companies and jobs in the area.  

Through city marketing, Helsinki aims to improve its position in the competition for tourists, investments, events, and experts.
City marketing

The objective of international activities is to create new business activities in the city and to strengthen the business operations, and in particular, the research, development, and innovation operations of the international companies already operating in Helsinki.
International activities

The City cooperates closely with the universities and institutions of higher education, in order to develop Helsinki’s international reputation and competence capital.
Cooperation with universities and institutions of higher education

Helsinki has been among the best cities in various international ratings every year. For a long time, it has been rated high in studies on the quality of life, business environment, innovation operations, and utilising open data and digital environments, for example.

Kuva: Lauri Rotko

21.06.2022 13:22