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City administration ▼

Social services and health care ▼

Maps and transport ▼

Childhood and education ▼

Culture and leisure ▼

Housing and environment ▼

            Housing in Helsinki
            Rental housing
               Applying for rental housing
               For tenants
            Right-of-occupancy housing
            Hitas owner-occupied housing
               Buying Hitas housing
               Selling Hitas housing
            Housing for special groups
            Job-related housing
            Functional and healthy housing
               Health hazards
               Moisture and mold damage
               Hazardous noise
               Home indoor air
               Emissions from materials and bad smells
               Indoor pests
         Nature and green areas
               Important parks by neighbourhood
               Guided park walks
               Voluntary work
               Park design, construction and maintenance
               Park policies
               Natural environments
               Cultural environments
               Special features of nature in the city
               Benefits of nature
               Nature database
               Securing biodiversity
            Information about nature
               Plants and mushrooms
               Reptiles and frogs
               Wounded and dead animals
            Nature conservation
               Nature reserves
               Natura reserves
               Protected habitats
               Protection of species
               Natural monuments
            Nature maintenance
               Nature maintenance policies and plans
               Meadows and agricultural land
               Invasive species
            Water bodies
               Baltic Sea
               Vantaa River
               Small water bodies and their management
               Groundwater and springs
            Excursions and nature trails
               Excursions to nature
               Nature trails
               Stay on trail
               Brochures and guidebooks on nature
            Current plans
               Areas under planning
            Planning process and participation
            Levels and goals of planning
               Goals of planning
               Place names
            Environmental impact
               Land use planning
               Environmental impact assessment
               Environmental impact of plans
               Contaminated soil
               Reports on nature
               Drainage and storm water
            City as constructor
               New areas
               Construction and renovation projects
               Streets and parks
               Water and energy
               Sports facilities
            Information for builders
               Building instructions and forms
               Do I need a permit?
               Permitting process
               Applying for a permit
               Information for project planning
               Archive services
            New construction and renovations
               Building a home
               Renovations of apartments and houses
               Facade alterations
               Pipeline renovations
               Restaurants and outdoor catering areas
               Energy efficiency
            Renovations and alterations
            Information for construction stage
               Site supervision and responsibilities
               Inspections and site markings
               Work site
               Waste management, dust, noise and dewatering
               Construction site reports
               Use and fencing of street space
            Subsidies for renovations
         Land and buildings
               Residential plots
               Commercial plots
               For leaseholders
               Temporary use of plots
               Land acquisition by the city
               Land use agreements
               Business Facilities
               Meeting and recreational facilities
               Facilities for sale
               Wholesale Market facilities
            Indoor air
               When you suffer symptoms or suspect problems with indoor air
               Indoor air investigations
               Indoor air problem repairs
               Indoor air teams
               Cooperation projects
               Communications and contact information
               Frequently asked questions
            City survey services
               Cables and pipes
               Surveying services for builders
               Street numbers
               Real estate formation
            Soil and bedrock
               Geotechnical engineering
               Blasting work
               Cables and cable transfer
               Soil purity
               Ground water
               Safe levels for construction
            Helsinki building stock
            Permits for public areas
               Advertising spots
               Organizing an outdoor event
               Renting of land areas
               Sales spots
               Terraces and parklets
               Working on streets and in parks
         Food safety and environmental health
            Environmental health control
               Food safety plan
               Health protection plan
               Tobacco Act and Medicines Act plan
               Animal health and welfare
            Food handling premises
               News about Food Safety Control
               Reports and applications
               Self-regulated control
               Import and export of food
               Starting a food business from home
               Food contact materials
               Food labelling and information about foodstuff
            Outdoor food sales and mobile food facilities
            Suspected food poisoning
            Health protection
               Monitoring health hazards in public premises
               Domestic water
               Reports in accordance with Health Protection Act
            Tobacco supervision
         Environmental protection and supervision
            Environmental protection regulations
               General regulations
               Construction site water, wastewater, toilet waste, snow dumping sites and manure processing
               Storage of chemicals
               Waste management and smoke nuisance
               Noise, vibration and dust control
               Other regulations
            Environmental supervision, permits and instructions
               Supervision plan
               Environmental permits, notifications and registration
               Notifications of noise
               Remediation of contaminated soil
               Other notifying and permitting procedures
               Environmental accidents and crime
            Environmental protection programmes
               Climate action
               Air protection
               Noise prevention
               Water protection
               Nature conservation and soil protection
               Procurement and materials efficiency
            Environmental policy and reporting
               Environmental policy
               Environmental reporting
               Environmental statistics
               Environmental management at City departments and agencies
            Air quality and noise
               Factors affecting air quality
               Environmental noise and its sources
               Noise report
               Quiet areas
            Environmental awareness and education
               Harakka Nature Centre
               Environmental education
               Services for daycare centres and schools
               Nature centres and schools
            Enterprises and events
               Climate partners
               Environmentally responsible events

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