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City administration ▼

Social services and health care ▼

Maps and transport ▼

Childhood and education ▼

Culture and leisure ▼

            Exhibitions and museums
            Theatre and dance
            Movies and festivals
            Cultural venues
            Support for culture
            Indoor sports facilities
               Swimming halls
               Gyms and weightlifting rooms
               Sports halls
               Indoor skating rinks
            Outdoor sports facilities
               Sports parks, fields and neighbourhood sports sites
               Outdoor swimming pools and beaches
               Tennis courts
               Jogging tracks
               Artificial and skating rinks
               Skiing tracks
               Winter swimming places
            Supervised sports
               Enrolment instructions
               Children and youth
               Working-age people
               Special groups
               People with foreign background
            Sports services supporting well-being
               Regional exercise services
               Personal fitness programmes and guidance at gyms
               Fitness tests
               Sports information
               Buddy for physical activity
            Sports clubs
            Reservation of facilities
            Event calendars
            City events
            Facilities for events and meetings
            Organize an event
            Fairs and conventions
            Find your library
            Opening hours
            Courses and guidance services
            As customer in library
            Resident and voluntary activities
            Carpet washing jetties
               Haltiala farm
               Dogs in the city
               Animal protection
               Stray animals
            Experience Helsinki
               Helsinki Zoo
               Winter Garden
               Olympic Stadium
            Cottages and allotments
               Summer cottages
               Allotment Gardens
            Rastila Camping Helsinki
            In Helsinki, Espoo and Vihti
            In islands
            More information on recreation
               Rules and orders
               Cooking roofs and hiking lodges
               Boat berths
               Visitor's Marinas
               Winter storage
               Boat parking
               Boat clubs
               Boating information
               Fishing spots
               Licences and prices
               Fishing supervision
               Special regulations
               Contact information
         City culture
            Public art
            Enjoy food in Helsinki
            Market halls
            Market places and flea markets
            Public saunas

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