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Vuosaari Upper Secondary School presentation

Vuosaari Upper Secondary School has approximately 500 students and is located in East Helsinki, which has a population of 36,000. The school offers a wide variety of courses in various subjects. A special emphasis is placed on music and technology studies.

At Vuosaari Upper Secondary School the focus is placed on individual development and active learning as well as student participation in planning school routines and special events. The school has an active student body, whose representatives work together with teachers in school development working groups. All school functions are based on responsibility, respect for others and open interaction. A sense of community is considered one of the school's resources.

The areas of focus at Vuosaari Upper Secondary School are music and technology. Internationalism is supported by the wide variety of languages, multicultural subjects and international projects offered.

Vuosaari Upper Secondary School maintains operations at the Vuosaari Sports Centre and Vuosaari House, which has a library and cultural centre.

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