Information and advice on digital technology

Digital advisory services listed on new webpages

The pages at are a central source of information on digital technology advice available from the City of Helsinki and its partners. The pages are currently in Finnish only.

The pages contain instructions for the use of the digital Service Map, which shows the locations of service sites that provide assistance in the use of digital technology. The Service Map provides links to the contact information of the providers of digital advisory services and to their advisory events calendars.

You can also find information on the City of Helsinki digital advisory services on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

The City of Helsinki produces easy-to-use digital services based on the needs of users and aimed at easing the everyday lives of residents. Often users need help and support in the use of digital technology. Assistance in the use of digital technology is available from about 150 different sources in Helsinki, which mainly comprise city libraries, service centres, Adult Education Centres and resident houses. Assistance is provided by about 200 digital technology advisors, who include city staff and volunteer peer advisors.

The providers of the City of Helsinki digital advisory services cross administrative boundaries. The operations are developed with close attention to the changing needs of residents. The Lasipalatsin Mediakeskus Oy media centre, a Helsinki City Group company, coordinates joint communication activities and activities to strengthen digital skills. The work is steered by a project team appointed by the City Executive Office.

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