Mobile phone screen, photo by City of Helsinki

Contacting health stations online

Six more Helsinki health stations have adopted an electronic contact service that has been in use at three health stations before. Customers can report their needs and concerns to the health stations using an electronic form. The health stations reply to the customers’ contact requests no later than the next weekday.

The new health stations with the electronic contact service comprise Herttoniemi, Kallio, Kivikko, Malmi, Puistola and Viiskulma, while the health stations of Töölö, Vallila and Vuosaari have already been using the service.

“Our experiences from the first three health stations have been positive, so we decided to offer the service to more people in Helsinki,” says health station director Olli Huuskonen.

The electronic contact service makes it easier for customers to reach health stations in non-urgent matters, as they can contact health stations at a time most suitable to them.

Customers can still contact health stations by phone and in person.

A link to the electronic contact service can be found on the webpages of the aforesaid health stations (find stations at and on

The service requires identification either with online banking access codes or with a mobile certificate.

Customers served by teams with multiple skills

If they so wish, the customers of the Herttoniemi and Kallio health stations can have a personal contact person who will coordinate their care. Contact persons can be reached either online or by phone. Contact persons are assisted in the care by teams with multiple skills consisting of public health nurses, nurses, practical nurses, physical therapists and doctors. 

The service hours of the Herttoniemi and Kallio health stations remain the same, and the call-back system remains in use.

The Kallio and Herttoniemi health stations are upgrading their services and preparing to merge with the Kalasatama health and wellbeing centre, which will open doors in February 2018.