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Support for informal care

Disability services during the coronavirus pandemic

Discretionary temporary care, and statutory relief care in informal care

When a client or family member is ill, the agreed temporary care period is not permitted in the unit even if it would be necessary. In these situations, you should contact a social worker or social instructor so that we can safely meet the care needs during the leave of temporary care or informal care.

Informal care refers to the treatment and care of an elderly, disabled or ill person in his or her home with the help of a family member or a loved one of the person in question.

Support for informal care consists of services given to the dependant, remuneration for the caretaker, leave, and other supporting services for informal care.

People under 65 years of age apply for support for informal care at the regional office of social work services for the disabled and people over 65 years of age apply for it at the social and local work office of their municipality.

17.02.2021 10:33