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Purchased service unit of services for the disabled

Contact information

We kindly ask that you primarily contact us via the purchased service unit’s joint e-mail address.

Procurement Services Manager Anu Purhonen, 09 310 24859

Duties of the purchased services unit

The duties of the purchased service unit include monitoring, supervising and developing services for the disabled in co-operation with the other units and stakeholders of services for the disabled, particularly from the perspective of the quality and effectiveness of the care received by the client.

The municipalities are responsible for supervising the operations of service providers producing social services in their areas. Quality assurance will be carried out through documentation and scheduled or unscheduled visits to the units. In other municipalities’ units that have Helsinki residents as clients, we ensure that the clients are provided with services through monitoring individual plans and daily record entries, co-operation visits to the units and agreement monitoring. Additionally, co-operation is carried out with different supervisory authorities.

The purchased service unit’s duty is to supervise and ensure that services are provided in accordance with the agreement. The unit provides help and guidance to service providers where needed in order to guarantee high-quality services for Helsinki-based clients.

The purchased service unit organises and carries out customer service procurements in accordance with the Act on Public Contracts and in co-operation with the City’s procurement services. Services are procured primarily through tendering processes and a service voucher model. The quality criteria for tendering have been defined in co-operation with service users, their families and friends and service providers.

The client’s service needs are always charted in social work together with the client. The purchased service unit’s planning officers are involved in the housing SAS (‘find out, estimate and place’) working group and the IMO (self-determination right) working group of services for the disabled.

The purchased service unit processes feedback and complaints concerning the service providers. Feedback and complaints can be sent by e-mail to

The processing of notifications from private social service providers and applying to become a service provider

Everyone applying to become a service provider is interviewed. The service provider candidate’s action and self-monitoring plans and other relevant documents are checked, and the candidate is provided with guidance and advice if needed.

If the candidate’s plans and implementation capabilities are found to be sufficient, the candidate can be approved to be added to the municipality’s register as a service provider (support services), and/or the municipality can report its approval to the Regional State Administrative Agency (services subject to declaration) and/or support the approval of the service provider’s notification with a separate statement (services subject to a permit).

Businesses providing support services for private social services (e.g. personal assistance) are registered in the register for support services, which is kept by the municipality. They have the right to provide personal assistance in Helsinki region. This does not need to be separately reported to the Regional State Administrative Agency. Providers listed in the register can apply to become service voucher producers.

Contact register of support service providers for personal assistance (pdf)

Useful links

Palse service voucher (in Finnish and Swedish)
City of Helsinki service voucher (in Finnish and Swedish)
Regional State Administrative Agency
Social work by services for the disabled 
The social welfare and patient ombudsman

Tendered service providers

Housing for people with intellectual disabilities (PDF, in Finnish)
Housing for people with severe disabilities (PDF, in Finnish)
Employment and work activities available for the disabled and people with autism spectrum disorders (PDF, in Finnish)

For home-based services, the list of service providers can be found at (in Finnish and Swedish).

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