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Activities and events

There are many different events and groups available for clients of services for the disabled, such as summer camps and courses, as well as exercise groups and sports-based events organised in collaboration with the City’s Sports Services and other cooperation partners. The City also coordinates Culture Companions and volunteers who help clients take part in cultural events and other activities that they might otherwise find it difficult to participate in.

Physical activities for special groups

Physical activities for special groups are meant for people who have difficulties in joining regular sports activities because of a disability, illness or other weakness.

Special groups are offered diverse physical activities, aimed at providing them with recreation and at maintaining their ability to function and their physical strength. Customers can be joined by their personal assistants.

Volunteer work in disability services

Various units offer volunteers opportunities to work with disabled persons on weekdays and weekends, both during the day and in evenings. Volunteers can join for one time or on a regular basis. Everybody can find a task suitable for their life situation and interests.

No previous experience is required, and volunteers are familiarised with each task. For example, volunteers can join excursions to push wheelchairs, or they can offer a helping hand in group activities.

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