Invitation to the media 4 March 2021: Announcing the winner of the international idea competition for Lentoasemanpuisto in Malmi

| Helsingin kaupunki, kaupunkiympäristön toimiala

The City of Helsinki in cooperation with the Finnish Association of Landscape Architects (MARK) held an open international ideas competition for the design of Lentoasemanpuisto on the site of the former Malmi Airport.

A total of 34 entries were submitted, presenting alternative ideas and approaches to planning Lentoasemanpuisto. The quality of the competition entries was high overall and they offered the chance to review the park’s future role at the centre of a constructed area from diverse perspectives. The best entries successfully incorporated the area’s natural values, cultural environment and varied functions to create a unique park with a strong identity.

Event programme

10:00 Opening address
Anni Sinnemäki, deputy mayor for urban environment, City of Helsinki, chair of the competition jury

10:10 Presentation of the competition entries
jury members
Vilja Larjosto, landscape architect
Jyrki Sinkkilä, professor of landscape architecture, Aalto University 

10:40 How the planning of Lentoasemanpuisto will proceed
Jussi Luomanen, head of urban space and landscape planning, City of Helsinki

10:45 Announcement of the winner
Anni Sinnemäki

10:50 Comments from the winner

11:00 The event ends