Assessment report for 2018: The children and the young do not have smooth access to mental health services

The audit committee together with the Capital Region cities and Helsinki University Hospital HUS carried out a joint appraisal of mental health services for children and adolescents. As part of the appraisal, it was observed that the service system is patchy, particularly in Helsinki. The audit committee recommends that the City reorganises its operations and, if necessary, allocates additional resources in order to set up a unit for the evaluation and treatment of mild and intermediate mental health problems among children and adolescents. The unit would also function as a location for special health care follow-up treatment. The Capital Region cities and HUS also made a large number of joint recommendations for the improvement of mental health treatment of children and adolescents. The recommendations related, among other things, to the availability of psychologist services in schools, the access to psychiatric nurses, the designation of a responsible person for each child or young person, and the cooperation between the cities and HUS.