Talpa will send invoices to the OmaPosti service

In the OmaPosti service, you can receive all invoices, electronic letters and payslips. In case you are using the OmaPosti service already by Posti, Talpa (City of Helsinki’s Department of Financial Management Services public enterprise) will send all invoices to you according to the settings you have set in the OmaPosti service.

You can use the OmaPosti service in the internet http://oma.posti.fi or download an application to your mobile phone and use it wherever you are.

You can find more information in the Posti internet pages.

Starting to use OmaPosti

In case you have made an agreement with City of Helsinki to send e-invoice to you in your online banking service, you will continue receiving invoices to your online banking service as before.

You can read more about e-invoicing here