New electronic ways to receive invoices

From now on it will be possible to receive invoices from the City of Helsinki Financial Management Services not just as paper invoices and e-invoices, but also as direct payments or delivered to Posti’s OmaPosti service.


If you have online banking codes available and wish to receive your invoices electronically directly to your online bank, please make an e-invoicing agreement through your own online bank. Choose the City of Helsinki Financial Management Services (Helsingin kaupunki – Taloushallintopalvelu) as the invoicer and, as the identifier, write down the invoice recipient’s personal identity code in the format ddmmyy-xxxX.

Direct payment

If you do not have online banking codes available but would like to start paying bills by modern methods, we ask you to contact your bank to make a direct payment agreement. After making the agreement, the bank will automatically pay the invoices from your account on the due date. In addition to this, we will deliver the invoice information to you by post well in advance of the due date. Please note that making a direct payment agreement requires a visit to the bank.

OmaPosti (previously Netposti)

If you use Posti’s OmaPosti service, we will send the invoice to your OmaPosti. OmaPosti is Posti’s free-of-charge electronic mailbox where customers can receive invoices in electronic format. More information on Posti’s website at The use of OmaPosti does not affect any e-invoicing or direct payment agreements made with the bank.

Enquiries concerning the payment of invoices

City of Helsinki
Financial Management Services
Tel. +358 (0)9 310 25300
weekdays 9.00 am – 3.00 pm