City of Helsinki offers early payment of pending invoices

Helsinki’s municipal leadership seeks to support businesses affected by the coronavirus crisis in many ways. For example, those companies and entrepreneurs that have provided the City of Helsinki with products or services can now submit an online form to request payment of invoices before the due date.

Early payment of business invoices requires that the invoices are undisputed and payable, and have already been verified and approved in the City of Helsinki’s purchase invoicing system. Employees of the city’s financial management services Talpa will examine the incoming early payment requests, and if the criteria for early payment are met, they will process the bill immediately, regardless of the due date.

Earlier decision to waive rental payments on city premises

The city also made a decision in late March concerning the rental payments of companies who are tenants of city-owned premises. Some companies in sectors hit particularly hard by the epidemic will be fully exempted from rental payments for the period 1 April-30 June 2020.

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