Kontula service house

You can meet with senior centre and service house residents outdoors

As of 20 May, friends and family may meet with senior centre and service house residents outdoors. These meetings must be agreed upon in advance with the staff of the care facility. Meetings may last for 15–30 minutes.

Visitors will be provided with surgical masks for the duration of the visit. Nurses will instruct the visitors on how to use the masks. Friends and family of residents are also reminded to maintain good hand hygiene and to only visit their loved ones when they are well.

The nurses will escort the resident outside and walk them back in after the meeting. Residents may meet with visitors once a day, one visitor at a time.

Meetings are only permitted outdoors for the time being. Friends and family are instructed to maintain sufficient safe distances. Hugging, for example, should still be avoided.

"Because Helsinki has the highest concentration of those who have contracted the coronavirus, we are removing restrictions in a gradual and controlled manner. We are constantly discussing the situation with our infectious disease doctors and monitoring instructions issued by the Ministry of Social Affairs and Health," says Department Director Seija Meripaasi.

If a resident is unable to go outside, meetings can also be arranged with the help of a glass partition. Video calls are also possible.