Woman wearing a facemask.

We recommend using face masks in social and health care services

We recommend using a face mask during appointments and in the waiting areas in social and health care services. The recommendation is based on the national policy by the National Institute for Health and Welfare and it concerns adults and young people over 15 years.   

With the recommendation, we want to guarantee as safe services as possible to all Helsinkians. At the same time, we protect our employees from infections. We also hope that you are already wearing a face mask when entering any service locations. 

Coronavirus is mainly transmitted by droplets when a person with an infection e.g. speaks or coughs. Correct usage of face masks reduces the number of infections by prohibiting the spread of the droplets.

The city hands out free masks to people with limited means

More information about the distribution locations of face masks is found at hel.fi/helsinki/coronavirus-en/information/face-mask

The face mask recommendation also applies in the following places and situations:

  • Public indoor areas and public indoor events. 
  • Outdoor events when the safety distance can’t be kept.
  • Secondary schools (incl. upper secondary schools) and institutes of higher education.
  • Public transport. 
  • People going to corona tests.
  • People who have been to a test but have not yet received the result and must go outside their home.
  • Travellers coming from high-risk areas between entering the country and going to quarantine or if they, during quarantine, must go outside their home.

More information about the corona pandemic

www.thl.fi, www.hel.fi/koronavirus