In Helsinki you can now be vaccinated without appointment on weekdays and Saturdays

From Wednesday 21.7 onwards, you can get the first jab without appointment from all vaccination points in Helsinki. The vaccinations points are open without appointment booking on weekdays 10–15.15 and on Saturdays 11–16.15. You must still book an appointment for the booster jab.

We are now vaccinating everyone over the age of 16, i.e. born 2005 or earlier, and those between the ages 12–15 who belong to risk groups 1 or 2 according to THL’s definition.

You must have your ID or Kela card with you when you come to the vaccination point. After the vaccine, we ask you to wait at the vaccination point for 15 minutes.

When you get the first jab without appointment, we book you an appointment for the booster vaccine at the same time. The second jab is given 8–12 weeks after the first one.

We give vaccines without appointments in the order clients arrive. You might have to wait for your turn a while.

“We tried last Saturday to give vaccines without appointment. On Saturday over 1100 Helsinkians came to get the first jab”, says Timo Lukkarinen, Director of Health stations.

“After the success on Saturday we now give the vaccines so that the first jab can be given without appointment from all vaccination points in Helsinki at specific times on weekdays and Saturdays.”

“We want to make it as easy and simple as possible for Helsinkians to get the vaccines”, Lukkarinen continues.

You can also still book appointments both for the first and second jabs. The easiest way to make a vaccination appointment is online at The appointment can also be booked by calling the appointment booking number 09 310 446300 (weekdays 8–18).

The vaccination points are located at Jätkäsaari (Tyynenmerenkatu 6 L3), Malmi (Stadin ammattiopisto, Vanha Helsingintie 5/Latokartanontie 16), Messukeskus (Northern entrance, Ratapihantie 17) and Myllypuro (Metropolia, Myllypurontie 1).

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