Vaccination appointment left unused by risk groups are offered to 5–11-year-olds with no underlying diseases

Vaccinations of children aged 5–11 with no underlying diseases will be carried out on 29–31 December and 3–5 and 7 January 2022 at Itäkatu Family Centre (Tallinnanaukio 1) and Kallio Family Centre (Toinen linja 4 C). You must book an appointment for the vaccination. There are a very limited number of appointments for children with no underlying diseases for this and next week.

You can book a vaccination appointment at The booking of appointments will open on Wednesday 29 December 2021.

Originally, the appointments this week and next week were intended for at-risk children. So that no appointments are left unused, we are offering a small number of appointments for 5–11-year-olds with no underlying diseases. The size of the age group is 45 000 children and now there are only 2 000 appointments available.

If the appointment booking system requires verification of the risk group, it means that the appointments intended for children with no underlying diseases are booked and you should not continue the booking process.

Vaccinations for children continue in family centres and schools

Vaccination of children will continue during January in family centres and schools. We will provide more information on the progress of children’s vaccinations at a later date.

“Unfortunately, we are not able at this point to offer vaccination appointments for all children right away. We will continue to vaccinate children in schools. Younger children will be vaccinated in family centres,” says Monica Lindberg, the Manager of Maternity and Child Health Clinics and Home Services for Families with Children.

Vaccinations for children aged 5–11 who belong to at-risk groups will also continue this week and next week at the Itäkatu and Kallio family centres.

A child is vaccinated only with the consent of both guardians

Vaccination requires the consent of both of the child’s guardians. If the child appears for a vaccination with only one guardian, the absent guardian must have signed a printed consent form for the vaccination. The consent form can be printed from the THL website.

Get vaccinated by showing an ID

Please be prepared to prove the child’s identity with an identity or Kela card and have your card ready as you wait. The vaccine offered to 5–11-year-olds is Biontech-Pfizer's Comirnaty vaccine.

Photo: Virpi Velin