The new transport service operating period started on Monday 1 April

The City of Helsinki Social Services and Health Care Division has completed the tendering of the operations of Helsingin Matkapalvelu. The new operating period started on Monday 1 April. The change will result in some minor amendments to client instructions.

The aim of the completed tendering process is to improve the quality of service provided to clients. From the start of April onwards, some transport service providers with existing contracts will continue their operations as normal, but transport services will also be provided by several new service providers. The new contract will gradually increase the number of cars included in the service.

The new contract includes stricter requirements for drivers in regard to Finnish or Swedish language skills. All new drivers have been provided with service training and are aware of the operating principles of transport services.

Despite preparations, some delays and irregularities have occurred at the start of the new operating period. However, the quality of the service is being actively monitored and any deficiencies will be addressed without delay.

Clients are being informed of the changes with a client letter and a news post. Information about the change will also be distributed via social media channels.

Further information about the change and up-to-date client instructions for the transport service are available on the Helsingin Matkapalvelu website. (in Finnish).

Key changes to clients
• As of 1 April, wheelchair-accessible taxis will arrive within half an hour (30 minutes) of being ordered.
• The client may be accompanied by an assistant, a partner and their children under the age of 12.
• Going forward, clients will be able to pay the excess fee of their trip with debit and credits cards available in Finland as well as with cash. All cars will be outfitted with payment terminals and contactless payment capacity by autumn 2019.
• Going forward, clients will be able to order trips by phone, e-mail, SMS or the chat service. Internet ordering is being discontinued due to low usage.
• Helsingin Matkapalvelu signs will be removed from cars. Going forward, the cars will display a blue sign with the car number in black.
• The excess fees for transport services will change on 28 April to correspond to HSL’s ticket prices. The excess fees associated with transport fees can be viewed at (in Finnish and Swedish)

For updated information (in Finnish), visit Helsingin Matkapalvelu.