Staff members at Malmi coronavirus health station.

The centralized treatment of patients with respiratory infection symptoms and coronavirus patients will end in Helsinki at the end of September

The centralized coronavirus health stations in Laakso and Malmi, which have served Helsinki excellently for almost a year and a half, will close on 30 September. From now on, the treatment of patients with symptoms of respiratory infection and coronavirus will take place in their own health stations.

The treatment of respiratory tract infections is primarily home care and does not require the evaluation of a health care professional. With mild symptoms, customers do not need to apply for a COVID-19 test if they have been fully vaccinated or have had COVID-19 within the previous six months and do not belong to a risk group.

If a person with respiratory symptoms or covid-19 disease needs a nurse's or doctor's assessment, they should first make a symptom assessment at or contact the Coronavirus Helpline or the service number of your own health station. Please do not head directly to a health station, but always contact a professional by phone or electronically in advance.

“We will continue to treat those with COVID-19 infections and all our other customers as well as we do now. The change is a step towards a normal post-pandemic time,” says Medical Director of health stations Timo Lukkarinen.

“The change is made possible by the fact that the vaccination coverage of Helsinki residents is good for all population groups, including risk groups. Although the number of coronavirus infections is still relatively high, the situation is stable with regard to the epidemic."

Timo Lukkarinen emphasizes that the visits of all customers at health stations, including coronavirus patients, will continue to be safe. At health stations, there is always a lobby greeter to help all clients move forward.

“Coronavirus patients coming to health stations are treated safely. Protective measures are effective for both coronavirus patients and others.”

“It is still important for customers to book treatment times so that their treatment is not unnecessarily prolonged,” Lukkarinen encourages.

Professionals who have worked at the city of Helsinki's coronavirus health stations will be placed in their own health stations around the city. The closure of the coronavirus health stations will not affect the number of staff at health stations.

When seeking a COVID-19 test, the familiar contact channels will continue to work. If have symptoms indicative of a COVID-19 infection, such as flu or stomach symptoms,

  • carry out an online symptoms evaluation at
  • or call the Coronavirus Helpline, tel. 09 310 10024 (8:00–18:00 every day).