Health station worker wearing a headset.

The callback service for the health stations is busy

The callback service for the health stations in Helsinki has been busy this week. This causes delays with callbacks.

We hope that clients only leave one callback request. We will call back all clients who have left callback requests. In non-urgent matters, we ask clients to contact us later.

The Medical Helpline provides service in cases of sudden health issues, tel. 116 117 (24h). And in case of an emergency, the national emergency number, tel. 112 (24h).

We encourage our clients to start using the new channel for e-services Maisa, You can download the free-of-charge Maisa app on your phone or tablet free from app stores.    

The new client and patient data system Apotti was launched in Helsinki last weekend. This has caused some slowness in the phone services for the health stations.

“The situation is truly regrettable and we will do everything we can to fix the congestion. Unfortunately, however, there is a delay and some will not receive a call back until the next day. Our staff are working really hard and I hope that our customers understand”, says Medical Director of health stations Timo Lukkarinen.

“The best way for the clients to help us is to use Omaolo and to start using the new channel for e-services, Maisa.”

“We are sorry for this inconvenience. We will provide information as soon as the phone services are back to normal”, Lukkarinen continues.

When a client has symptoms that indicate coronavirus we recommend being tested with a low threshold by filling out the symptom assessment at or calling the Coronavirus helpline (tel. 09 310 10024, daily 8–18).

The callback service for health stations is open on weekdays 8–15 until 28 May.

Photo: Virpi Velin