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The activities at service centres will open gradually starting from 13 September

From Monday 13 September onwards, customers can book an appointment with a social instructor for service guidance and instruction. You can book an appointment by calling the social instructor of your local service centre. The use of the customer computers will also become possible by appointment in most of the service centres. You can book your timeslot on the computer by calling the guidance services of the service centre. The services will be open on weekdays 8:00–16:00.

Services open to all, such as gyms, saunas and open group activities, will remain closed until 30 September. The restaurants will also remain closed, for the most part.

“We will open up the activities gradually and monitor the development of the pandemic. We are already preparing to open up new services, but we cannot yet give a specific date for this. We will inform customers of new services opening as soon as possible,” says Service Area Director Helena Venetvaara.

Supported group activities expanded

New supported groups will open for customers who need the most support. The ongoing groups are also accepting new customers.

For the time being, the groups will be directed to the customers of home care, informal carers and informal care receivers, as well as persons suffering from loneliness and substance abuse problems. The potential group participants will be invited to the activities individually.

All services will adhere to safety precautions

All services of the service centres will adhere to the current safety precautions. We also wish that customers will wear a mask and take care of hand hygiene.

The group sizes are limited in all group activities, and we will maintain sufficient distances from each other during the group meetings.

You can find the contact information of the service centres on the City’s website (in Finnish): https://www.hel.fi/sote/toimipisteet-fi/aakkosittain/pake/  For more information, call your local service centre.

Photo: Katja Kinnunen