Elderly woman and vaccinator discussing.

Text message sent to persons over 80 about fourth corona vaccine dose

A fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine is now being offered to persons age 80 or older, severely immunocompromised individuals and persons age 65 or older who need someone to help them in their daily life. Persons age 80 or older were sent a text message about a fourth dose of the vaccine on Wednesday, 18 May. The text message stated, among other things, that a fourth dose of the vaccine is available without an appointment at the vaccination points.

“The text messages are a way to ensure that Helsinki residents know where they can get the coronavirus vaccine. It is our duty to protect the people of Helsinki from serious coronavirus disease in every way. We want to make sure that any lack of vaccination protection is not caused by a lack of information,” says Medical Director Timo Carpén.

The text message was received by about 6,900 Helsinki residents. It may also have been received by individuals who are not yet scheduled to receive a fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine. This is because, among other things, the telephone numbers of the recipients have changed. We apologise for any inconvenience this may have caused. You can see all of the groups scheduled for vaccination here.

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