Main entrance of the hospital.

Coronavirus outbreak in four Suursuo hospital wards

A total of 26 coronavirus infections have been diagnosed at Suursuo hospital since mid-April. Twelve of the infected patients have passed on, most of whom were receiving terminal care. A further 41employees have also been infected. 

The first infections were found in the terminal care ward, which is now free of COVID-19.

All patients and their loved ones were informed of the infections immediately.

We aim to prevent infection by employing comprehensive testing and strict protective measures

“We are doing our best to protect the patients and employees from coronavirus,” says Medical Director Laura Pikkarainen.

No new patients are admitted to wards with coronavirus infections. All infected patients and employees have been isolated. In addition to this, all patients and employees in these wards will be tested.

Employees use personal protective equipment anytime they care for patients. Nursing staff also use surgical masks when interacting with each other.

“Visits have been forbidden since March. Understandably, we have made exceptions to this rule for patients in terminal care, and short visits by loved ones wearing personal protective equipment have been allowed,” Pikkarainen continues.

Suursuo hospital has eight wards and a total of 200 beds. The hospital offers acute geriatric and medical rehabilitation, terminal and palliative care, geriatric psychiatry rehabilitation, surgical continuing rehabilitation and acute rehabilitation for detoxification patients. Treatment periods vary between 10 and 20 days depending on the ward.

Photo: Virpi Velin